The Varieties of Peace research program will organize a number of program conferences. At least one will be held in Umeå and others will be organized in countries where case studies and field work will take place. In this way, the conference series will enable networking and dissemination in the local societies and empower researchers in studied countries to partake in the research process. Interested researchers, partitioners and other stakeholders are invited to follow us on social media in order to get information about coming conferences. Please do not take contact, a specific procedure to ensure an invite to coming conferences will be published both here at Varieties of Peace website, on our Facebook page and through our Twitter.


22-24 October 2019 

Jakarta, Indonesia

The first major international Varieties of Peace conference took place in the autumn of 2019 and gathered over 50 scholars and practitioners.



Sub-project leaders organize their work in sub-project workshops. Each sub-project is expected to organize at least three such workshops with the goal to a) initiate the work, b) analyze the findings of studies in the field, and c) prepare publication and dissemination activities. Sub-projects will organize additional workshops when needed. Apart from sub-project participants themselves, core group members, selection of research associates and additional guests relevant to particular workshops will be invited to participate. In this way, the sub-project workshops will inform and contribute to the collective knowledge of the entire research group. Sub-project workshops might take place at the Umeå Peace Center or abroad, in connection to field work. Interested researchers are invited to take contact with sub-project leaders in order to organize their visits to sub-project workshops.


In addition, the program organizes thematic workshops with the goal of synthesizing the work of the different sub-projects. These workshops are organized by the Management Group, and they aim to ensure that the conceptual, theoretical and comparative ambitions of the program are reached. Thematic synthesis workshops include all researchers in the program, plus selected research associates, visiting scholars, and other relevant members of the research group; and they will be structured topically, following the main themes of the program.