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First Varieties of Peace Workshop

The first Varieties of Peace Program Worskhop will be held at Hotel Mimer in Umeå, 1st of February 2017. Participants are the program team and the agenda for the workshop is initiation of research activities and planning for the coming year.

Brief interview with Head of Varieties of Peace Program Anna Jarstad

Why is there a need for research on peace? Surprisingly, peace researchers have not focused on peace. The majority of articles in the field are on conflict and security. Our aim is to change this picture. Our vision is to stimulate research in a new field of inquiry. We do not know enough about the transitions from war to peace and what peace really is. That is why our program is needed. What makes the program unique? Wars used to end with victory or defeat. Since the 1990s, peace agreements have become increasingly common. We now for the first time in history have the possibility of studying long-term processes after such negotiated settlements. These settlements do not declare any party as

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