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New report with a contribution from Varieties of Peace research program participant Malin Åkebo

A report has been launched following the workshop on Assessing and Influencing Progress in Peace Processes held in Barcelona on 30 May - 1 June 2018. Malin Åkebo participated in the workshop on behalf of the Varieties of Peace research program in a panel on Cutting-edge research. The workshop brought together a number of researchers, policy actors and practitioners to explore new and emerging developments in methodologies and approaches used to assess and influence progress in peace processes. It was organized by Conciliation Resources and the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies with further support from the Catalan Development Agency; the UN Colombia Multi-Trust Fund; the Catalan

Conceptual workshop in Umeå, October 9th 2018

This week the Varieties of Peace research team devoted a day for a thorough discussion on the conceptual framework/frameworks that the program builds upon, in its entirety as well as the separate sub-projects within it. The day was a part of the Varieties of Peace workshop series that will continue late in November with a planned workshop on method and field-work.

New journal article on diaspora return after armed conflict

Time to go home? The conflictual politics of diaspora return in the Burmese women’s movement Author: Elisabeth Olivius Journal: Asian Ethnicity The initiation of political reforms and a peace process in Myanmar has fundamentally altered the conditions for Burmese diasporic politics, and diaspora groups that have mobilized in Myanmar’s neighbouring countries are beginning to return. This article explores how return to Myanmar is debated within the Burmese women’s movement, a significant and internationally renowned segment of the Burmese diaspora. Does return represent the fulfilment of diasporic dreams; a pragmatic choice in response to less than ideal circumstances; or a threat to the very

PRIS Conference in Lund, 27-28 September 2018

Last week members of the Varieties of Peace team – Patrik Johansson, Anna Jarstad, Dzenan Sahovic, Abrak Saati, Elisabeth Olivius and Malin Åkebo – participated in the PRIS conference in Lund. The team had much looked forward to presenting their work, and gathering the views of other distinguished scholars at the conference. Patrik Johansson and Abrak Saati presented their paper “Developing a Typology of Peaces”, Malin Åkebo presented “Friends, Fellows and Foes: A new framework for studying relational peace” co-written with Anna Jarstad and Johanna Söderström, Dzenan Sahovic presented his paper “Grid-Group Typology of Peaces – Analysis of Peace Process Dynamics in Post-Dayton Bosnia Herzegov

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