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Varieties of Peace is welcoming five Visiting Researchers in 2019

Varieties of Peace Visiting Researcher program is now up and running. Five researchers have been selected to join our team in the first application round. Arvid Lundberg and Jason Klocek as Visiting Researchers; Daniela Lai and Velomahanina Razakamaharavo as Junior Researchers; and Lars Waldorf as a Senior Visiting Researcher. More information about Varieties of Peace Visiting Researchers will be available in the Visiting Researcher section of the website shortly.

Call for papers studying relational peace

Varieties of Peace Workshop, May 7-8 in Uppsala, organized by Malin Åkebo, Johanna Södertröm and Anna Jarstad. Please submit your abstracts (200 words) no later than 31st of January, to More information about the workshop can be found here.

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