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Just out: 'Peace, Development, and the Unresolved Land Issue in South Africa'

Varieties of Peace Research Network founder Anna Jarstad just published her most recent article 'Peace, Development, and the Unresolved Land Issue in South Africa' in Journal of Peacebuilding & Development. Power sharing where former enemies form joint governments are common stipulations in peace agreements. South Africa is a case where power sharing involving parties representing both Blacks and Whites eased the transition from apartheid to democracy, and its success has often been referred to as a “miracle”. Yet, a quarter century after the end of apartheid, it is clear that a major issue that was not resolved during the peace negotiations—the land issue—still shapes the character of the p

'Theatre for peacebuilding', new VoP article available on Peacebuilding

What is the role of art in peacebuilding? In her newly-published article for Peacebuilding journal, Varieties of Peace founding member Nilanjana Premaratna argues that theatre arts amplify, resist and transform structural violence. Drawing on an empirical study in West Bengal in India, this article focuses on two under-explored domains in peacebuilding: structural violence and art. These two domains come together to explore the potential of sustained engagement through theatre in building peace within violent structural narratives at community level. Theatre has the potential to bring prevalent but less-heard narratives of structural violence into communal discourse, inasmuch as it offers a

First two articles of VoP special issue out now

The two first articles that are part of a forthcoming special issue in Journal of Peacebuilding and Development are now published online. First, Anders Nordhag's article "Exploring Peace in the Midst of War: Rojava as a Zone of Peace?" adds new empirical insights into an understudied case, and contributes to theorize the co-existence of peace and war by examining the conditions for and challenges to peacebuilding in Rojava in the midst of the Syrian war. Second, Gillian Howell has published the article "Harmonious Relations: A Framework for Studying Varieties of Peace in Music-Based Peacebuilding". This article presents a novel analytical framework for systematically studying the relationshi

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